ludwig abraham



Travel / Reise is based on a text which sets up the task and guidelines of creating a performance with recorded material of a city.

A text which sets up the task and guidelines to create a performance:

+ go to a foreign city/village/island/space
+ record material
+ go back home, sort it
+ process and arrange the material into an audio file with a fixed set of chance operations
+ play it back in the city/village/island/space where the sounds where taken from

An effort to explore ones surroundings, kill your darlings, getting to love the resonances of your own room. Written in 2010 with analogue photography in mind and a giant crush on Alvin Lucier and John Cage's A Dip in the Lake.

Samples recorded in all of Bergen and Fortress Fjell in November 2010, processed and arranged in February 2011. Final performance recorded at the roof of Kunstakademiet in Bergen at 5 pm on December 7th 2013. Special thanks to Anna Krauss, Jenny Schnaller and Johan Lundin.